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Update. I have eclipsed DARCON taken the rank 1 spot! I can't believe I actually did this... Now the final act begins!!!
FuriousF@rt Trev ImAPopTard (r+t)Fl@k Those are some that I remember from Trev. The last one was back when you could combine the triple damage arti...
This is not meant as criticism, because overall I think Trev's design is a lot more intelligent than what we had back when RB was popular, 15 years a...
Anyway I'm back to this thread because the server's been buggin a lot today as well. :(
Now this I recall as well! For a while there was a multiserver for UT2004, and that was one of the game modes.
"fwutplayer", im pretty sure that is "FireWarrior", I remember him from the old forums.
As of writing this post, the server is back online.
So, I'm currently powerleveling on the VCTF server while healing from a disease. I'm doing it to pass the time, but also for nostalgic reasons, as Ro...
Ah, that’s a shame. Last time I felt that Epic was consumer friendly was with UT2004, so it’s been quite a while...
Any news on UT4, Trev? I went by the names SuPeRmAn, Odin, TERMINATER!!!!!! and various others back in the days of vCTF. I still recall how I misspel...


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