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It's been a while, Kernel! I think the last time I remember hearing from you was in 2010 / 2011 or so. Hope things have been well.
Kernel! Good to see you! I thought the last I had heard of you was back in college when think-tank started, heh. I feel bad that I didn't get more in...
Nice to see that familiar signature :) Do you, by chance, still have a way to contact Milk? I used to have him in my phone, but that was before smart...
A while back, we had a mapping event where people made "cube"-style maps that we stitched together. I remember doing some custom stuff with this, so ...
Are assets not available in UE like they were back in the UE packages with UT2k4? Who's to say we can't just... not *mod* UT4, but just remake Rosebu...
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You embodied the way I feel very, very well. Speaking of Nostalgia... has anyone heard from Milk / Ken / Kitty recently? I remember speaking with Ken...


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