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Sorry for the consistent forum posts. I can't delete posts or threads. :/ If you're willing, you can email me at Discord: Sket...
Trev do you have a Discord or something I can reach out to you on? I have a couple of questions I'd really like to ask about the RB inv mod.
Strong as in health. Everything else seems fine.
I put the .ini in and started it up. I just really don't remember monsters being that strong!! They're tough little bastards.
Thanks for the info! I appreciate the upload and quick reply. I see what you're saying as monster's wont match up with the corelating strings. Just a...
I ended up figuring it out. Now I've been working on fine tuning wave's ETC to get it the closest I can to the old RB server. If anyone has an examp...
As well as the monster's that were on the server EX: Adren Suckers lucifer ETC.
If anyone has any jump on the old Satoremonsterconfig.ini file that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
ANYWAYS my message got cutoff.. So I had the idea to download the files, and put them on a gameserver for everyone to have a few more nostalgia fille...
Well, many long night's on the INV RPG server if I remember correctly. The community was diehard for Rosebum... For some reason, I've always had thou...


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