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I've been somewhat playing UT since it 1st came out, a bit longer than that as a friend of mine was beta-testing the demo version (least I think he w...
More often than not I tend to play MonsterHunt online and Capture the Flag offline, because MH is pretty crystal clear and it's everybody against the...
Always been a big fan of maps with monsters in them, since long before UT ever had MonsterHunt; yes I've been playing that long. Didn't happen very o...
1st time I played MH-(UTW)BoomBoomBridge-v2 I marveled at how much it looked like a CTF map, and not just the identical bases on either side of the b...
Screenshots from Feralidragon's new map ·
It takes awhile... ...but it can be beat!
Happy Friday the 13th! Stretch back, with help from Nelsona, I edited a Serious Sam themed map ·
Unreal religion? in Religion on 2019-12-07, 05:01 AM
Pardon me sir... ...but can you spare a moment to talk about our Lord, the Queen Mother?
1 of my fave geeky maps is DM-LV-426-Infested which is based on the 2nd film from the Alien series: Aliens. It's got the Space Marines vehicles outsi...


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