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Oh well, crap, now I remember you only wanted wrong answers. Well, hopefully that URL is a total bust. lol
I'm not a mapper, but I Googled around about BSP holes, and this thread at the Unreal Wiki appears to be a very thorough discussion of the problem in...
Hi, Rabid Cat, It's time someone replied to say: Yeah, I listened! :) I like the vibe. This is good background music for working, or for beer. Or... ...
What Did You Last Purchase? in Whatever on 2020-02-27, 04:46 AM
Hey, you asked.
Acquisition of RoseBum in Blog on 2020-02-26, 02:35 AM
OMG WTF Hello, Rosebum!!! On a whim I googled Rosebum and the first hit was Trev's post about pushing out the squatters!! And that's been two years ...


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