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Impressions from sporadic games for the last 6ish months: I think the gameplay feels more true to ut99 but generally lands somewhere between 04 and ... only watch until 1:21 whole thing is good
mario shitting out a mini pizza for a sick telefrag.gif
What do you do now in Whatever on 2018-05-24, 05:24 AM
i finished my BSc, now I'm doing a BASc. maybe I'll do a master's if I can afford to. I still game a fair bit but not with the same fervor as I used ...
1. an indian man used for his bicycle blog domain for 6 months 2. we have usernames for all that 3. the "bum" poster title has to be rein...
we need the bum tag asap, otherwise how will we be able to swing our pee-pees around and complain with impunity?
Haiku Discussion Thread in Whatever on 2018-03-27, 09:08 PM
nostalgia on line miss kicking your asses hope everyone's well
when I played v lomax in UT4 he told me Lord Vile is alive and thriving but plays some other game
Hi in RB General Discussion on 2018-03-27, 01:00 PM
I ran into Lomax a on UT4 a while ago, it was pretty cool


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