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Oh shit son! I still remember you from bXs Snipers. I even have my old forum signature still:
I tried searching for one but was struggling with finding it. Can we get a sticky with the information and an invite link?
Invasion's RPG UT2k4 in Help on 2018-05-30, 05:37 AM
Does anyone plan on hosting a server with the mods?
Maybe setting up a Teamspeak or Discord server might help coordination?
Herm, I take back what I said about maps. There's quite a few default ones that look close to complete that I somehow missed.
Just downloaded and played the new Unreal Tournament. They weren't lying when they said it's not finished. :( Hubs are cool but it's confusing when m...
How about we set a weekly (or more often) time so we know when other people are going to be on? UT2004 for the most part is otherwise dead, it's unli...
What do you do now in Whatever on 2018-05-23, 04:07 AM
I'm a software developer for a company that supports live streamers. I still play games way too excessively.
Acquisition of RoseBum in Blog on 2018-05-22, 07:53 AM


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