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Auto Builds


Auto Builds were added with the new version of RoseBumRPG. One of the biggest challenges for a lot of new players was being overwhelmed with options when first joining the server. New players were expected to understand how to build their character immediately to even have a chance of competing. Auto Builds will help to alleviate this issue.

Auto Builds are simple lists of pre-defined character builds that will automatically buy attributes and abilities for you so you don't have to constantly monitor you character throughout the match. All new players will be automatically assigned the Weapon Master Auto-Build because it is the most moderate and easiest to play with.

In the RPG Menu you can select which Auto-Build you want to use through the drop-down. You will not be allowed to customize your character while you have an Auto-Build enabled. If you want to customize your character, you must set your Auto-Build to custom. Changing your Auto-Build will require a stat reset so try not to be wasteful.

Build List

Artifact Master

Loaded Artifacts is the bread and butter of the Artifact Master build. While it is the only build that focuses heavily on artifacts, it is moderate in how much is spent on adrenaline abilities, leaving space for some health and movement.

Demolition Man

This is meant more for the explosive weapons fans. It puts a large focus on Cautiousness to avoid self damage, allowing you rocket jump with ease and also get right in the faces of your enemies with excessive splash damage.

Hammer Time

This build goes all out on upgrading the Impact Hammer. You get max Thumper and Thruster as well as max movement so your enemies can't get away from you. Vampirism will keep you topped up and Retaliation will ensure you always kill in one shot.


Hardcore is the simplest build to learn because it isn't a build at all. Choosing this build will simply not buy anything. This is meant for for enthusiasts that want to prove their skill by effectively playing as a level 1 at all times.

Meat Shield

Meat Shield is one of the two Tank style builds. It maxes Vitality and puts most of the ability focus on health abilities.

Running Man

Running Man is meant to be the best build for players who prefer flag running over combat. Little is spent on areas of combat while many points are used for movement and health. Some adrenaline is also utilized for the Speed and Heal artifacts.

Speed Freak

Speed Freak puts a lot of focus into speed abilities, leaving defences very low. It maxes out all movement related abilities and recklessness but doesn't do much with regard to health abilities.


Turtle is one of the two Tank style builds. It maxes Endurance and puts most of the ability focus on shield abilities.

Weapon Master

Weapon Master is the generic combat style character that all new players are set to by default. It comes with loaded weapons, awareness and moderate health abilities.