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Direct Contributors

  • Trev

    Main developer of RoseBumRPG. Responsible for large iterations of the UT2004 RoseBumRPG and remade the mod for the new Unreal Tournament.

  • Methos

    Instrumental for developing and fine-tuning the progression and reward equations for leveling.

Special Thanks

  • Mysterial

    Created the original UT2004 RPG of which the core of the new mod is still based on.

  • Michhhhael

    Founder of Roseanne's Bum and the original creator of RoseBumRPG for UT2004.

  • Druid

    Created an expansion for Mysterial's original RPG. Some features have been included in the new version.

  • Raptor85

    Created some abilities in the original RoseBumRPG which have been integrated into the new version.