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RoseBumRPG is a mod that adds a Role-Playing Game layer to the new Unreal Tournament. While RPG is traditionally targetted towards PvE style games such as Invasion, this RPG is designed to be more focused on competitive gameplay, specifically CTF and VCTF. Measures have been taken to keep high and low level players in the same league to maintain a competitive atmosphere.

The original mod had its genesis in Unreal Tournament 2004 and was created by Michhhhael, the founder of Roseanne's Bum. RoseBumRPG has been rebuilt from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4 using a combination of C++ and blueprint.

Players who join our server will have a persistent character created and stored on our server for them. The character is bound to your Epic ID so you don't have to worry about people stealing your character. Due to the inability to change your name in game, the new mod currently only allows one character per person. Alternative options for having multiple characters are being reviewed.

The RPG provides various new elements to the game including Attributes, Abilities, Artifacts and Magic Weapons. Mixing these features gives many ways for you to customize your character. This site gives complete descriptions of all of the RPG elements so you can make wise spending decisions.


All players begin at level 1. Performing various game tasks will award you experience points. Once you reach the required experience for the next level, you level up.

Due to the characters persisting after each match and the mod being focused towards competitive play, many constraints have been put in place to keep the top tier players from completely dominating the game. Reducing the gap between low level and high level players has been a a primary concern due to it being one of the biggest weaknesses of the original mod.

The max level a player can reach is 101. The required experience for each level follows an exponential curve so while the first good portion of the leveling is very fast, the last levels take much longer. A new character can potentially reach up to level 51 in a single match although reaching the max level isn't expected to be reached in under a week except by the most dedicated players


All experience rewards follow some kind of logarithmic formula. This means that the reward will vary based on a time condition and will continue to grow forever.

This system allows you to get larger rewards for killing players that managed to survive for a long time or by capturing a flag that was held for a very long time. The logarithmic curve has a very fast falloff so while you are technically getting higher rewards for taking longer to capture the flag, the captures per time investment is actually less effective if you can capture the flag again rapidly. This is to discourage selfish players from hijacking the game.

The events that award experience are listed below:

  • Enemy Kill
  • Flag Carrier Kill
  • Flag Return
  • Flag Capture

Experience Capping

In the past, exploits and glitches have popped up that have allowed players to gain absurd amounts of experience points in a short time. An additional failsafe has been included in the game that prevents players from gaining unrealistic amounts of experience in a single match.

If you reach 10000 experience in a match, you'll be alerted by an in-game message of what's happened and you'll be unable to gain experience for the remainder of the match. It isn't expected that a player should ever reach this much experience in a single match so players shouldn't be concerned.

Suicide Watch

This is a new feature added in an attempt to reduce griefing. Some players like to suicide when their death is imminent to deny other player's their experience reward.

The Suicide Watch system will track the last person who damaged you so when you die, they are rewarded experience. The traker is removed after 30 seconds or if the damager is killed so you can still deny experience by beating them.

Idle Character Cleanup

All characters are stored using the engine's config system. We do this instead of a SQL database because we reserve the possibility for the mod to be run offline and it makes management simpler. This presents a load problem, however, as all characters are accumulating in a single large text file. This problem is only significant when we start dealing with thousands of characters.

At the beginning of every match we scan every player in the system to test if there are any characters that we consider to be junk. All junk characters are automatically deleted from the character list to keep the file size small.

Two criteria must be met for your character to be considered junk:

  • You must be under level 20
  • You must not have logged in for more than 6 months

Historically, the only characters that would be affected by this are one-time players and misspelled character names when players try to change characters.

Character Resets

One of the quality of life changes in the new mod is the option to reset your character at no cost to your progression. Players can choose to use a Reset Token to restore all of their Attribute and Ability points.

Players can hold up to a max of 3 Reset Tokens. New players will start with the full amount so they can quickly change builds if they aren't satisfied with what they purchased. Reset Tokens are generated once a day, every day so long as you log in that day.