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What happend, and where do we go forward?

2018-05-16, 12:54 PM
We have 3 things to figure out:
What happened
Who are we
What should we change going forward

What Happened:
- As far as I am able to tell, michhhhael and milk - the 2 leaders of the community - became inactive, the server started having some issues and outsiders to the community with good technical skills got put in charge. These people (KernelPanic, Mayhem, etc) however skilled they might have been in managing a server that runs on linux, had absolutely no leadership qualities and were not members of the community. It was a recipe for disaster. Years passed by and the people that were active and respected in the community slowly left, the community withered away to the point where when the site was lost, it was actually welcoming news.

Who Are We:
- What happened brings up the question on who we are, and why we bother to persist. In thinking about who we are, we have to think about what made this community great between 2002 and 2010, and why it withered after.
- The community was great because there was a fun playful atmosphere in the game and in the forums, people were largely free to be themselves. The administration of the community was in tune with the community too: disciplining bad behavior, rewarding good behavior, hosting tournaments and implementing changes to keep things going smoothly. Things went badly when the administration fell out of tune with the community - inactivity and non-participation.
- We have to discover who we are, and why do we persist. Why do we bother to call ourselves members of Rosebum even after Rosebum disappeared? What are the core values that make a place be Rosebum?

What Should We Change Going Forward:
We should have a set of principles to keep the community alive and able to thrive
- Freedom of Speech: Posts or replies should not be deleted or modified, especially if the topic pertains to how the community is being run and how things are. Spam, threats, and doxing should be the only exception to the rule of not deleting / modifying.
- Fun Atmosphere: Similar to the previous principle, the gaming server and forum should be places where a majority of people can have fun - if it is not then steps should be taken to figure out why it is not, and what changes and new things can be brought about to make it a better experience. From a gaming server context this might include from simply modifying a mutator on the server, to adding new levels, to starting a server on a whole new popular game. From an online discussion community context this might mean adding new emojis, changing cumbersome technology, modifying the categorization of boards.
- Active Administration: The moderation team should not be inactive or unknown to the community - in order to bring order to the community you must first be a respected and trusted member of the community. The administration of the server should also be very transparent, with information on who is banned / kicked and why being accessible. There's a potential issue of a technical person being needed, but that technical person not being someone who is a respected and trusted member of the community - in that case it would be better to split the roles of leader and technical worker (might need more fleshing out of concepts here).
- ... More to add with more discussion

Thoughts, comments?
2018-05-17, 12:09 AM
I think I agree with pretty much every point. RB died from poor leadership and even worse PR. I feel like I need to comment on the names being called out in case they ever read this. I'd like this site to move forward and let the ugliness die with the old site.

With regard to KernelPanic I want to clarify that I harbor no ill will against the guy. I liked him personally. I just didn't like the way he ran the community. He volunteered for a thankless job and ended up hating it so I don't entirely blame him for what happened. The reality is that RB probably would have shut down in 2011 without his efforts so I have to commend him for that.

I didn't really know Mayhem. From what I saw, he didn't appear to have any significant impact on the outcome of RB. I don't think he can be lumped in with the others.

I think we have a pretty similar understanding of what made RB work. I got to experience RB for many years as a regular user and then I got to experience it all over again as an admin. I think I have a pretty firm grasp on what is fair. Transparency and competency if what I've been aiming for with this site. You'll notice the User Profile page has a Ban History section which will contain some info like the time and reason for a ban.

Like Michhhhael, I'm figuring a lot of this out as I go so I expect people to tell me when I'm making mistakes. My time and energy is going into making this site better so suggestions are always welcome. In addition to keeping RB alive, this site is also my resume so I'm almost obligated to keep this going now.
2018-05-17, 10:28 AM
Originally posted by "Trev"
In addition to keeping RB alive, this site is also my resume...

Indeed, it could not resume without you. B-)
2018-05-24, 05:10 AM
1. an indian man used for his bicycle blog domain for 6 months
2. we have usernames for all that
3. the "bum" poster title has to be reinstated ASAP or else this website will be dishonoured
2020-04-20, 01:12 AM
Very well thought out post Zerk. I think edits/modifications to posts should be permitted, however, I believe a modification/edit log for posts should be openly accessible.
2020-05-09, 02:31 AM
Ha, I never saw this post till today.And of all things, CanDah, led me to it. I told you guys! I did, he's got preks, perks, can't spel.

But yeah, wow, the respect for what Rosebum was/is shows up in this thread. The democracy was top notch. The respect for what maybe we can't comprehend, yet show up in this thread.

In all non-drunk honesty, there has been no fairer forum or game in history of what i know. When I'm drunk and talk like this I sound like Sin. fuckers.

I'm probasbly only talking like this, cuz Pantera is loud right here.

REVITILIZATION is in order.. We get 12 of us that want to play ut2k4, (or in a lesser manner ut99 if i computer sucks, hehe), I think the social distancing means we'll have 12 of us playing at most time!


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