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What do you do now

2018-05-21, 12:35 PM
- Software Developer at a small Medical Billing Software company
- Graduate Student for Computer Science, taking 1 class a semester
- I don't play much videogames anymore, but after RB I played a lot of Call of Duty, Minecraft, and League of Legends (the worst games a person can be associated with)

What do you guys do since you were last active in RB gaming?
2018-05-22, 11:41 AM
I don't play video games to the degree I used to anymore. I try to get into Fortnite to better understand what UT can do to be successful. Honestly I don't get it. Fortnite is all marketing, no substance.

These days I'm the lead developer for a sports league software company that manages scheduling, rostering and financials for Canadian sport organizations.

My primary hobby right now is saving money to buy a house. Maybe one more decade to go and I can afford a townhouse in my city :p.
2018-05-23, 04:07 AM
I'm a software developer for a company that supports live streamers. I still play games way too excessively.
2018-05-23, 01:27 PM
Just a lowly medical student atm, in my 3rd year and currently working part-time as a nurse at an old people's home. Will also be doing research at the hospital, whereby I'll *hopefully* get a couple of articles going in medical journals. But still gaming a substantial amount and summer will consist of TONS of gaming (Skyrim, Dota, League, Witcher 3, etc.) before the real busy part of my medical career starts.
2018-05-24, 05:24 AM
i finished my BSc, now I'm doing a BASc. maybe I'll do a master's if I can afford to. I still game a fair bit but not with the same fervor as I used to.
2018-05-24, 07:58 AM
2018-06-01, 02:54 AM
- Junior Sysadmin for a mid-size mortgage lender on the west coast
- picked up the guitar recently
- still play some games here and there (far cry 5, path of exile)
2018-06-04, 11:11 PM
- Got my computer science bacherlos degree did a master on data science
- Moved to South America
- I created various software for different companies, now I live from the maintainance.
- Got 3 kids my wife doesnt let me play anymore... I hope UT4 will come out soon I will play anyways and become the best just like before.
- Rosebum was family for me back in the day, 2005 trough 2009 we played hard everyday.
2018-06-05, 07:34 AM
Service Industry professional. Outside of that work I am working on obtaining a patents for a few things I have invented.

Up until recently I have played UT almost daily, though not as many games as when RB was active :/

For fun, I like to fart in high-rise elevators and press all the buttons.
2018-08-14, 05:02 PM
I work for A very large company. I am currently the Sr. Network Administrator for one of our divisions. I have a 17 month old so playing games is waaay on the back burner. The most I have time for these days is just UT server maintenance for the VM gaming community along with their forums. Of course I maintain the RB UT99 server as well :) Every once in a while I'll jump on Rocket X for 2 games max then i'm off.
2018-09-18, 12:35 AM
I drive for UPS.

I mostly play Dungeons and Dragons... well more often than not another table top RPG. Most are only aware of D&D. Though I should give communities like this more credit than that. Table top gaming seems to be moving more main stream.

Other than that I love to cook brew beer and fishing.
2018-10-01, 04:55 AM
I install and occasionally service residential HVAC. I play old school runescape and mw2, that's about it lol.
2020-04-19, 11:53 PM
I've cleaned up from Alcohol for the better half of 3 years, though actual dry date being Aug 2019.
I don't drink at all anymore, I even quit nicotine.
I'm also complacent with my medications. That I need to take, or I'm sort of... Off the walls.
I'm doing full time school while I work for a cleaning company.
I'd like to go to med school, psychiatry, eventually.


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