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2019-02-25, 12:43 AM
Hi All,

I played on this server a long time ago along side people like Michhhaeel, Watts, Candy Man, Canada, some people from the Netherlands, and a bunch others.

I remember having the first RoseBum tournament and I remember making my first map, CTF-$.

UT was my first PC gaming experience. 90% of it was spent on Rosebum servers, 10% on random “Bunny Track” servers.

I randomly thought about my UT experience today and decided to stop by this old website that I used to frequent quite often back in the day. Looks like some drama went down; I’m glad I missed it. Hope all is well with everyone else.

I don’t play PC gaming anymore. If anyone remembers me and plays xbox, my GT is “adam011”

If anyone has a copy of CTF-$, please contact me. I’d like to give it a run through for old times.

Thanks for all the fun times,
2019-02-28, 08:41 AM
Hi Twiggs,

Not 100% sure if these are all the files (I think they are) but here is a link for the map. I have also included the RX-RB Files given thats how the map was meant to be played :).

Version is CTF-$-Final,not sure how early you stopped playing UT99/RB, but it became one of the most popular maps right until the end.

If there are files missing just let me know which one, I'm sure i have it somewhere...


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