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I got banned from RB when I was 11 years old

2021-10-28, 09:52 PM
I'm back. 26 years old now. The invasion server was awesome, and I would love to see the mod remade in a modern game. I tried to remake it myself in Garry's Mod a while back but gave up on the project early on because making the mob AI was too much of a pain for me.

I got banned for saying a racial slur. I didn't know that the word I said was a racial slur at the time. The word was c**n. No one seemed to believe me though.

If anyone here is keen on putting Invasion back into the gaming world, maybe let's chat because it sounds like an exciting project to me.
2021-10-28, 09:53 PM
You can contact me on discord Ryan#9457


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