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The Very First Topic

2016-11-20, 03:42 PM
Posting is now functional enough that I can release it to production. With that done, the forum is basically live I guess. Now I wonder how many weeks it will take before someone actually notices.
2016-11-20, 11:35 PM
In your "Fun With Melee" article, what does the word "allegiavtes" mean? I tried Googling it, but the only listing that shows it used is your article...
2016-11-21, 12:38 AM
What can I say? I'm an innovator! Going forward I may need to bring on an English major to do my blogging.
2016-11-22, 05:09 AM
..."Make me one with everything."
2016-12-19, 07:28 PM
It would appear that the old forum has finally collapsed, now displaying an SQL error. The main web page is still functional, however.
2016-12-19, 09:18 PM
Oh wow. I wonder what caused that. Last time I checked the forum, Kittybelle was mass banning spam bots and moving spam threads by the hundreds. I wonder if it was just too much load and something got corrupted.

Regardless, it's better this way. As long as Epic doesn't abandon UT4 right out the door, this new site has great potential for growth. I should probably archive the old site in case there's anything else worth keeping before its gone for good.
2016-12-23, 04:04 AM
The bump topic thread must be saved
2016-12-24, 10:43 AM
And also the "What did you last purchase?" thread. And of course the "Haiku Discussion" thread. B)
2016-12-24, 04:49 PM
Feel free to make some topics then. I'm still gradually adding features to the forum. Coming up next will be avatar support. Looks like I may need to look into emoticons too. :p
2017-01-05, 12:24 AM
Trev, why does the cookie produced when logging into the forum expire at end of session?
2017-01-05, 01:18 AM
There is no cookie at the moment. The login session is stored on the server and cleared when you close your browser or if you are inactive for 15 minutes (for security purposes). Auto-login is on the to-do list but my business requirements have changed at the last second so I'm working on a secret feature instead.
2017-01-07, 12:09 AM
I was referring to the cookie called PHPSESSID, so this would appear to be a semantic difference.


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