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What Did You Last Purchase?

2017-01-07, 12:46 AM
Well, it was a long-standing thread on the old RB forum, starting way back on April 28th, 2008, and continuing right up until the very end, so I've decided to try to recreate it here and now. I'll start things off...

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete Series on Blu-Ray

This is something I've intended to get since before it hit the market, but it was never the right time. Especially back when it didn't yet exist, as nonexistent items are almost NEVER in stock.

Pro-tip: The Black Friday shopping season is always the best time to buy box-sets from Amazon because that's when they extend their return policy all the way to the end of January, allowing one to actually have a chance to check all the discs within the allotted time.
2017-01-27, 05:09 PM
Oops meant to post a picture :D
2017-07-04, 10:28 PM
I bought a couple of Table top RPG books.
2017-12-29, 04:19 AM
XPS 15 with 512 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM, 7th gen i7, and a GTX 1050.

Sexy little number with an aluminum lid and a carbon fiber body

This is the first laptop I've owned since a shitty Vostro back in 2009 and I've gotta say it feels pretty nice.

2018-04-19, 06:48 PM
A Nissan Maxima.
2018-04-21, 05:12 AM
I bought Redline Flight Cranks for a new BMX bike that I'm building using a salvaged 1980 MX2 frame.
2018-05-10, 01:54 AM
My dog was getting a bit overweight so I bought him a new exercise toy.

2018-05-16, 05:26 PM

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