Originally posted on April 10, 2016.

Development on the mod has been blocked for a good year as Unreal Tournament is still in early development. I've decided to explore abilities to make a melee-centered character while I wait for adequate mod support for menus and C++ distribution. This announcement brings a few new abilities to the game: Thumper, Thruster and Retaliation.

Retaliation technically isn't new but it was originally planned to be excluded from the new mod due to being too annoying for many players. It has received some changes to how it functions from the old mod which I believe alleviates the problems with it.

Thumper and Thruster will modify the Impact Hammer to make it a viable top-tier weapon. Thumper increases the impact jumping momentum to get around the map quickly. Thruster significantly increases Impact Hammer damage.

I've also created a new Auto-Build: Hammer Time. This encapsulates the new abilities to make a standardized melee character. I've recorded a video of myself playing with it below.