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I responded to your earlier email.
I have a backup of a wave config though it predates the RB Invasion mod on the downloads page. I believe its accurate but the class names won't line...
You're referring to the ability to spawn the custom monsters on the server? I can't remember off the top of my head how to do that. I might have an ...
Hangar-Hell in UT General Discussion on 2020-04-26, 02:30 PM
I've made a few changes to improve the pathing. Most of the path nodes weren't close enough to the ground so there was no valid path between the flag...
Hangar-Hell in UT General Discussion on 2020-04-22, 10:22 AM
If the bots are confused then their pathing may need to be redesigned in that map. I don't have UT2004 installed right now but I could take a look a...
Good ol days in RB General Discussion on 2020-03-20, 10:08 AM
There is a VCTF server running right now. Has been for years.
Greetings! in RB General Discussion on 2020-02-06, 10:57 PM
Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed now.
Edit Button in RB General Discussion on 2019-11-23, 11:50 AM
This feature is mostly built but only accessible to admins right now as I couldn't settle on the rules for when and how you can edit. Once I get back...
UT99 save files in Help on 2019-10-09, 10:36 AM
Unfortunately I don't have any of the UT99 server files. In fact I never owned the game. Someone else might be able to assist you, though.
That's not going to happen for a variety of reasons. Epic owns the brand and they're not going to allow the community to take charge of it. They hav...


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