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I'll get around to that one day.
If you're looking for nostalgia you can download the Invasion mod and install it locally. The download can be found here:
I've never owned a PlayStation so that wouldn't have been me. The last shooter I've been playing was Quake Champions after they announced it was free...
I honestly thought I would never hear from you again, Mike. I'm glad you decided to stop by.
The redirects for the old VCTF and Invasion servers were saved before Milk shut everything down. They are located here:
Invasion's RPG UT2k4 in Help on 2018-07-08, 01:41 PM
Below is a sample of what my command line looks like for the VCTF server. This is how you can load up the maps/gametype/mutators when the server sta...
Invasion's RPG UT2k4 in Help on 2018-07-04, 09:27 PM
It sounds like you already know what to do. Just edit the configs. Is there something specific you can't get running.
Just for the hell of it I decided to check out some hubs the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see there is a community building a Bunny Trac...
I'm researching PHPBB's implementation of BBCode which will likely also allow me to support basic smilies. This might be done sooner than expected.
You can find the invite link at This gave me an excuse to use the new Sticky feature.


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