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Acquisition of RoseBum
Published by Trev on 2018-02-19 14:02:56
It's hard to believe a full year has passed since expired and was purchased by a squatter. As expected, the squatter let the domain expire. The RoseBum domain is shockingly valued very high which is probably due to its age and historical traffic. I didn't want to risk another squatter turning it into some fake blog again so this year I participated in the auction and won.

I don't have the ability to restore the old site and forum but I don't think I would want to anyway. It was disappointing to see how disgraced the old site became in its final years. The last few years of posts had a general atmosphere of negativity and for good reason. The problems came from the top down and I was unfortunately powerless to do anything about it. I don't want Roseanne's Bum to be remembered as a place where admins blatantly deleted users and posts or allowed spam bots to pollute the forum and gallery to the point of total data corruption. It feels like a lifetime ago but there was a time where Roseanne's Bum meant a lot to a lot of people and I would prefer it were remembered that way.

I'm under no illusions here. I realize RoseBum's time has passed and I would be shocked if more than 100 people cared about this. What I do believe is there are people like me that think about RoseBum from time to time and get a little nostalgic. I setup a legacy VCTF server for that reason. If people can come by and get a couple hours of enjoyment from time to time then maybe that's all RoseBum needs to be.

It's at this time that I encourage others like me to help out where they can. I've decided to re-brand my site into the new site. It's fitting as I designed it to look and feel like the old RoseBum site. I'd like to really beef the site up with features that weren't critical when I first launched the site. To anyone who isn't clear, I'm not using any kind of site or forum framework. I've built this site from the ground up so I can have full control over every aspect of the site, especially performance. I would like to umbrella all the offshoot RoseBum communities like the Steam page and Discord. I thought there was a Facebook page for Roseanne's Bum but I can't seem to find it anymore. I was never a big Unreal Tournament 99 fan but if someone from that community wants to collaborate, we can look into doing something with a legacy server.

As for the future, I'm still looking to bring Roseanne's Bum to Unreal Tournament 4. If RoseBum ever has another shot at life it will be that game. The game's development has been on hold for an unfortunate amount of time due to Fortnite's unforeseen success but I remain optimistic that Unreal Tournament will have its day again. With the right modding control, I see no reason the RoseBum spirit can't live on for another generation.